About Us

If God put it on your heart, then it's there for a reason. Kelley had big dreams and The CHIC is her true happy place. Take a look at this video for a glimpse of the story behind the store.

Kelley faced multiple trials and truly needed an outlet to get out, have a happy place, and pour herself into something! This is how CHIC started. After losing a child, having a child undergo open heart surgery, and losing her dad to ALS, CHIC became that happy place! Since 2015, CHIC has allowed Kelley to share her story with so many others and has served as a place for others to be welcomed, have a safe space, and to feel good about themselves no matter the season they are in! Through the years at the store, Kelley has gotten to witness our customers in all phases of life. From post-grad interviews to later in life - even Kelley's 93 year old grandmother shops CHIC! We truly feel like you will find something you love here.

Kelley is also a busy mom, constantly on the go! She strives to provide a seamless shopping experience through going live in our app, fit videos on our platforms, and great customer service. She also loves to share pieces of her life with all of you! From cooking videos to planning the perfect party, you can find it all by following our social channels.

It has always been more than a store. In 2016, Kelly Hales, began working as a freshman at LSU. Seven years later, she is now manager of all things Shop The Chic Girl. From the beginning, Kelley & Kelly have always had a special bond. They quickly discovered this was all a part of the plan. Kelly lost her mom to cancer at 15 and came to college really searching for the "next thing". Now, she is so thankful and blessed that it wasn't just finding a dream career at CHIC, but also a family outside of work. Many people ask if Kelley & Kelly are mom and daughter, sisters, or even just related in any way! The answer is no, but yes by choice! God had a purpose for bringing us together and we just so happen to resemble each other! If you stop by the storefront or are out and about in Baton Rouge, there is a good chance you'll find the Kelley's together!

My dream for CHIC is to empower young women to fully embrace who they are and chase the dreams of their heart! The store is my true happy place and I want to share that with everyone who steps in-store or shops with us online. Thank you all for your support and for helping my dream come true everyday!